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The Invicta Akimix is the only unit we know of in South Africa that can switch from wood log burning to pellet burning in the same combustion chamber at a turn of a dial. Pellet stoves need electricity to operate, but with this unit you would simply switch to log burning mid stride should you be loadshed. Burn wood logs should you not be able to get pellets or to burn pellets should you not be able to get well seasoned dry wood. The Akimix is 76% efficient and will burn 1.9kg of pellets per hour on max while having the capacity to be loaded with enough pellets for a 8 hour burning cycle. The Akimix gives the best of both worlds and presents a wood log fire’s flames well.

Dimensions (W * D * H) 766 × 372 × 851
Material Cast Iron
Fuel Type Wood
Power Output kW 7kW

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