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L9 Titan Double Sided

L9 Titan Double Sided

Fully cast iron, this high-end fireplace is extremely powerful and can heat a medium to large space with ease, keeping the room warm for longer periods of time. With an output average of 14kW, the Titan Double Sided is ideal for large spaces up to 125m². While an open fireplace is only 25-30% efficient, this fireplace provides 72.5% efficiency. This model is capable of loading 700mm logs, saving you the trouble of chopping extra wood. Aesthetically, the built fireplace is the ideal room divider or centre piece, thanks to the double-sided glass that showcases the blazing fire on the front and back. Not only is this a modern addition to your at-home living, but the built-in functionality ensures it is a practical one, too.

Dimensions (W * D * H) = 830 x 450 x 710
Material = Cast Iron
Fuel Type = Wood
Power Output = 14kW-21kW

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