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Atlant C

Atlant C

The Atlant C is an affordable and ideal fireplace choice for those wanting to heat a large space fairly quickly, and also for those looking for alternative means of cooking. This multi-tasking steel fireplace is great for country life, providing warmth to vast open-plan homesteads and includes a cooking plate on top of the combustion chamber for a clean and energy-efficient cooking style. With an impressive 24kW max power output, the large combustion chamber generates plenty of warmth and logs of wood up to 50cm in length can fit inside. Because it is a freestanding unit, the Atlant C fireplace can quickly be installed into an existing space with minimal modifications to your home and allows for more flexibility in terms of positioning than a built-in fireplace. All our fireplaces are imported from Europe and boast a strict CE certification, so you know you can rely on the quality of any unit you purchase from Hydrofire. Just to ensure you sleep well at night, our steel fireplaces come with a 2 year warranty too.

Dimensions (W * D * H) = 520 x 690 x 857
Material = Steel
Fuel Type = Wood
Power Output = 15kW-24kW

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