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This fireplace is made from cast iron, keeping your fireplace warm for longer. With an average output of 13.2 kW, it is ideal for medium to large spaces of up to 195m2. The Bordeaux B is highly efficient, providing 81.7% efficiency. Being an insert, it is also a ‘space saver’ as it does not impose on your living area. The model is a multi-functional heating solution that can be integrated into central heating – to either warm wall-mounted radiators or underfloor heating. Aesthetically, the fireplace adds a cosy and luxurious atmosphere, thanks to the wide and crystal-clear screen that showcases the blazing fire. This model is not only a beautiful addition to your at-home living, but a practical one, too.

Dimensions (W * D * H) = 692 x 457 x 665
Material = Cast Iron
Fuel Type = Wood
Power Output = 10kW-14kW

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