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Ceramic firepots produce a remarkable amount of heat. Because the clay retains heat like a hot rock, it radiates heat into the room long after the fire has died. Using a Japanese technique called raku, ceramic fireplaces are fashioned from specially formulated clay, then glazed. The raku process produces a unique crackle in the glaze, and the many variables involved in raku firing make each pot unique – colour distribution and crackle are never the same.Once a comfortable ambient temperature is reached it is very easy to maintain, and wood placed in the firepot combusts cleanly and burns down to a very fine ash. The excellent draw of the pot and complete combustion of the wood and charcoal fuel means these fireplaces, unlike other open fires, do not smell at all.A ceramic fireplace aesthetically enriches the style of your home and is a beautiful alternative to the more common metal fireplaces, which have less thermal capacity and can quickly lose heat. Ceramic fireplaces don’t rust, smoke or smell, and need cleaning only once every 15 to 20 fires. The distinctive glaze finish also makes it easy to clean the pot’s exterior. Firepots come in an array of bright glazes, with the most popular colours being the white and the blue raku pots, as they highlight the raku crackle-effect or ‘fire magic’ glaze the best. Every pot is numbered and the pot’s decoration can be tailor-made to match your decor.We offer an exciting variety of other ceramic products, too, including portable countertop pizza ovens, fire pits and pizza stones. The remarkable countertop pizza oven is a portable oven that comes with all the tools you’ll need and has a 30-minute warm-up time. The bottom half of the oven has a stainless steel grid that can be used as a portable braai, but when you pop the lid on it becomes a kettle braai or smoker. The pizza stone can be used on an open flame, on an element or as a baking stone in a gas or electric oven. The Firepit braai is very well priced and is so safe it can be used on a wooden deck. Its metallic glaze is ever-changing, with new bronze patterns developing with every fire. The Campfire is a smaller, portable version, perfect for camping or when having sundowners on the coast. It comes in its own handy travel box for safe keeping.


Dimensions (W * D * H) = 500 x 680 x 520
Material = Ceramic
Fuel Type
= Wood
= Brown

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